Friday 8th to Monday 11th April

Easter Nature Trail

This Easter we are hosting an exciting nature trail quiz through the Central SANG from 8th to 11th April. Have a fun family walk, learning more about our local trees and wildlife, as you complete the quiz and follow the trail through the woodland.

To take part just visit the education boards in the Central SANG, marked on the map, and answer the questions below.

If you would like to bring the completed quiz over to us at the Mindenhurst Project Office, Newfoundland Road, on Monday 11th April we will handing out chocolatey Easter treats to everyone that took part.

1 – What name is given to a group of badgers that live together?
2 – What colour is a Roe Deer in summer?
3 – Name a bird that nests all year round?
4 – An oak tree is the symbol of what?
5 – What is the brown long-eared bat also known as?
6 – Name two defence mechanisms the slow worm uses to escape predators?

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