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This series is all about life as a Construction Manager, so I can tell you what my job involves and share some of the lesser-known aspects of this work.

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Back to basics

I’m Carianne and I have been the Senior Construction Manager at Mindenhurst for 3 years, this means I am responsible for planning and managing each stage of the project and making sure the works are completed safely, to a good quality, within budget and on time.

This includes organising the programme of works and the workforce, overseeing the delivery of the project, coordinating with the commercial team and evaluating each stage so we can make changes as we go.

I’ll be sharing a little more about my work in this blog over the coming weeks so check back soon!


Staff wellbeing as a top priority

As well as delivering a high-quality and sustainable new development, I have to prioritise the people who put their effort and energy into providing these facilities for the Mindenhurst community. The most important part of my day-to-day job is looking after the wellbeing of the workforce, making sure they go home safely and not in ill health or ill mental health.

This means I plan and approve safe methods of work, ensure that plant and work equipment is compliant and safe to use, that work facilities and welfare are to a high standard and check areas before works commence to make sure risks are controlled like finding of asbestos, UXO and live services.

I make sure that all operatives feel empowered to raise health and safety and mental health concerns and make sure that everyone feels supported at work. We do not take inherent risks on site as going home safely to our families and friends is essential.

Staff wellbeing is both physical and mental health

As part of my role in looking after staff wellbeing, we aim to create an Injury Free Environment (IFE) in which nobody is harmed. Our IFE programme builds on existing health and safety legislation, it encourages us to look out for one another, so we all go home safely at the end of the day.

At Mindenhurst I educate the operatives on good mental health including giving toolbox talks around topics such as stress, anxiety, suicide awareness and coping mechanisms. I am also a mental health first aider, and I am trained to assist in a mental health crisis, either on site or to members of the public. I also hold neurodiversity presentations across the business to educate colleagues on how we can support neurodiverse individuals in the workplace.

We encourage you to join us on this journey, so if you see anything that poses a risk, could cause harm, or anything that worries you please get in touch.

Sustainability at Mindenhurst 

At Mindenhurst we prioritise sustainable methods of construction wherever possible, I am personally responsible for finding more sustainable alternatives to everyday activities. I’m proud of our achievements so far and the plans we have in the final phases, this includes:


  • reusing all existing concrete (from demolitions) in new buildings and as part of the build up of the Loop Road and Brunswick Road
  • reviewing our programme to find different ways of working to reduce carbon production
  • reducing the amount of materials we import to Mindenhurst
  • supporting the environmental team to protect and relocate reptiles
  • ensuring that tree protection is in place before we start any construction work so that the health of existing trees isn’t damaged during the course of our works


As a team, we always ensure we don’t damage the environment when we build. We share best practice across the business and with external partners – such as the Considerate Constructors Scheme – so that other projects can benefits from initiatives we have used successfully here at Mindenhurst.



Logistics is a major part of my role as Mindenhurst’s Construction Manager. It involves planning the sequence of works to support the development progress, delivering facilities in time for the community to use them whilst minimising the impact on the community.

With my logistics hat on, I am always looking for innovative ways to speed up the programme without losing out on quality, safety or cost. This includes finding different ways to demolish buildings so that materials can be reused, reducing the amount of waste being removed from site and helping to prevent additional traffic on roads.

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